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Perspectives of transgender youth on parental support: Qualitative findings from the resilience and transgender youth study

Family Support & Rejection Research
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Authors: Andrzejewski, J., Pampati, S., Steiner, R. J., Boyce, L., & Johns, M. M.

Date of publication: 2021

Journal: Health Education & Behavior

Summary: In this US study 33 trans young people aged 16 to 25 years were interviewed about their experiences of parental support. The researchers found participants identified numerous ways (emotional, instrumental, informational, and appraisal) in which parents demonstrated their support generally (e.g., expressions of love, housing, advice, and affirmation). Parental support that related directly to their young person’s gender identity was more limited however (e.g., use of chosen name and pronoun). Young people spoke about the importance of having parents provide support specific to their gender identity such as emotional support at the time of their coming out, willingness to listen to the young person’s experience of gender, use of chosen names and pronouns, and support for social, legal and/or medical gender affirmation.

You can read the full study here