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Gender-affirming care providers: Older teens & young adults

These providers may be helpful places to start exploring gender-affirming care options for your older teen (generally 17 years+) or young adult.

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Gender Diversity Service, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth (WA)


The Gender Diversity Service is a multi-disciplinary service providing initial assessment and/or hormone therapy for individuals over the age of 18 years.

M-Clinic – Gender-Affirming Clinic (WA)


This clinic is for those over 18 years old only M Clinic is excited to introduce a new service for the WA trans, gender diverse and non-binary communities, the new Gender-Affirming Clinic. This clinic is a privately operated initiative supported and funded by WAAC to contribute to the medical affirmation needs of the community.

The Gender Pathways Service (WA)


The Gender Pathways Service (GPS) is a state-wide service located within YouthLink, Youth Mental Health (North Metro Health Service), which provides specialist clinical psychology assessment for young people seeking medical and/or surgical gender affirmation treatment, who are experiencing significant barriers to accessing this through other pathways. Referrals are accepted for young people aged 17 to 24 years.

Rainbow Community House (WA)


Rainbow Community House is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to prevent suicide among LGBTQIA+ young people aged between 12 to 25. Their therapists provide tailored gender-affirming counselling sessions for individuals and families to improve the mental, emotional, and relational wellbeing of queer young people and ultimately prevent suicide and self-harm risks.

Western Kids Health Gender Diversity Clinic (WA)


Provides an evidence-based service to trans and gender diverse young people aged between 10-23 years. Therapy is tailored to the individual’s needs and will always include input from an experienced (Clinical) Psychologist. If appropriate, occupational therapy and/or physiotherapy input can be added also. All staff working in the gender diversity clinic are LGBTIQA+ affirmative.

Maple Leaf House (John Hunter Children’s Hospital), Newcastle (NSW)


Operates under the John Hunter Children’s Hospital located in Newcastle, Maple Leaf House has opened in Newcastle, it is a specialist, multidisciplinary service for gender diverse children and young people aged ≤ 24 years.

The Gender Centre, Sydney (NSW)


The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services and activities, which enhance the ability of transgender, gender diverse and gender exploring people make informed choices. Offers services such as information, counselling, family support, speech pathology, housing support and school support. Check out their events calendar for details of support groups for parents, and gender diverse young people and adults.

NSW Gender-Affirming Doctor List (NSW)


A helpful, non-exhaustive, list of doctors who offer different kinds of gender-affirming hormonal care and support to trans and gender diverse people in NSW.

The Specialist Trans and Gender Diverse Health Service (NSW)


This is a coordinated, statewide specialist Trans and Gender Diverse Health Service (TGD Health Service) providing evidence-based, holistic, age-appropriate and developmentally informed care for gender diverse young people across NSW aged under 25.

For care for young people aged under 16 years please head to: Maple Leaf House. The Sydney Metropolitan Hub is also currently under development and support for young people under 16 years will be provided through the Children's Hospital at Westmead from early 2024 onwards.

For care for young people aged 16 years and over the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District will support young people over 16 at a new community-based site currently under development from early 2024 onwards.

Monash Health Gender Clinic, St Kilda (VIC)


Monash Health Gender Clinic is a state-wide service that provides individualised, person centred care for trans, gender diverse and non-binary people aged 16 and above residing in the state of Victoria.

The Voice Clinic,  La Trobe University (VIC)


The Trans and Gender Diverse (TAGD) Voice Clinic provides an individualised program of voice and communication training for people wishing to explore the different ways they can use their voice and communication to express their gender. 16+

Trans Space (VIC)


Trans Space is a private mental health service that provides trans affirmative counselling to trans & gender diverse (TGD) people and their families using the informed consent model. Mental health therapists consist of a team of psychologists experienced in working with TGD people and TGD mental health therapists with lived-experience.

Ballarat Community Health Trans and Gender Diverse Services (VIC)


A Government initiative aiming to provide gender-affirmative healthcare services to all trans, gender diverse and non-binary Victorians via peer navigators. They provide information, support and referral to health services.

Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service, Thorne Harbour Health, Abbotsford (VIC)


Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service offers both a bulk billing General Practice and a low cost counselling service to the trans and gender diverse community.

TG Health Clinic (VIC)


TG Health Clinic provides healthcare support and advice to empower transgender and gender diverse people, including young people, to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Gender Service, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Herston (QLD)


Service for over 17’s in Queensland. Provides support such as psychiatry, speech pathology, hormone replacement therapy and social support services.

Trans Health South Australia (SA)


A helpful list of practitioners in trans health including GPs, psychologists, endocrinologists and allied health practitioners.

Sexual Health Services (TAS)


Sexual Health Services are committed to ensuring people are well informed and offer assistance with many aspects of gender enquiry and transition for people aged 17 years and older. They provide information, support and medical assistance and guidance via Sexual Health Services Tasmania clinic.

Rainbow Care Clinic (TAS)


The Rainbow Care Clinic is a gender affirming health care service for patients aged 18+ provided by Dr Holly Inglis, a specialist general practitioner with an interest in gender affirming care, including hormone prescribing. Dr Holly practices under the informed consent, or affirmation enablement, model of gender affirming health care, placing autonomy and self-determination front and centre of the gender affirmation journey.

Northside Health LGBTI Monthly Clinic (NT)


Visiting doctors specialising in LGBTIQA+ health provide regular clinics on a fortnightly to monthly basis to offer welcoming, high-quality healthcare to members of the LGBTIQA+ communities.

Endocrinology Services, Canberra Health Services (ACT)


Provides treatment and management to adults inclusive of transgender medicine.