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Casual template to inform existing sports organisations about your child’s gender identity

Simply tailor the template to your specific circumstances to create a personalised letter or email.

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Hi there,

I’m just getting in touch to let you know that <Name> [is now identifying / identifies] as <gender identity>. [She uses / He uses / They use]  [She doesn’t/ He doesn’t / They don’t] have any particular care requirements apart from access to [the girls’ / the boys’ / a staff / a disabled / a private / a gender neutral] bathroom for toileting and getting changed.

Below are some resources you can familiarise yourself with:

Everyone deserves to play | Transcend Australia

Sport | TransHub (ACON)

Guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport | Australian Human Rights Commission / SportAus / Major Professional and Participation Sports

Guideline: Trans and gender diverse inclusion in sport | Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission [Victoria]i

All of Us: Health and Physical Education Resource — Understanding gender diversity, sexual diversity and intersex topics for years 7 and 8 | Safe Schools Coalition / Minus18

If you need more info, you can reach me at <your phone number> and <email>. For professional advice, contact Proud2Play or visit the Proud2Play website, where you’ll find resources specifically developed for sports clubs to better support LGBTQA+ inclusion.


<your name>