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Early access to testosterone therapy in transgender and gender-diverse adults seeking masculinisation: A randomised clinical trial

Gender-Affirming Care & Transition
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Authors: Nolan, B. J., Zwickl, S., Locke, P. et al

Date of publication: 2023

JAMA Network Open, 6(9):e2331919.doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.31919

Summary: This Australian study sought to compare the effect of testosterone therapy compared with no treatment on gender dysphoria, depression, and suicidality in transgender and gender-diverse adults seeking masculinization. Observational studies have demonstrated improvements in gender dysphoria and depression following commencement of gender-affirming hormone therapy but there is a lack of randomised controlled trial (RCT) data (often referred to as a ‘gold standard’ experiment). The research team carried out a 3-month RCT, with participants randomised to either immediate testosterone commencement (intervention group) or no treatment (‘standard care’ with a wait list of 3 months prior to commencement). They found that, compared to standard care, the intervention group had a significant reduction in gender dysphoria, depression, and suicidality following testosterone commencement, compared with no treatment. Over half of the study participants receiving testosterone experienced resolution of “thoughts of hurting themselves or that they were better off dead”.

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